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Monday’s Love Zone was all about that time that you could not let your ex go.  Listeners weighed in on Facebook and Twitter about how hard it was to move on and why they stayed attached.

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Tell Me About the Time You Could Not Let the Ex Go……..

No matter who my ex and I was dating we always manage to hook up bcus we had a connection now 20yrs later and 7 yrs in a relationship I can say Im with my true love – Marie

It took me almost two years to get over my ex but I did it and even forgave him now I can move on to my future – Sharnia

Lettin go of an ex is so hard, I know letting go of my 1st whom I met @18 was hard 4 me, I just found out he was married via facebook and on and off 4 almost 7years I let him in and out of my life but I had to let go COMPLETELY and day by day im getting by – Meagan

When u r truly in love there is that one person that u can’t let go of until ur fed up with ur situation. I’ve been there and no matter what happened or how bad the situation was I was alway willing to return to that person until the unthinkable happened.  – Jamie