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Before you choke the hell outta somebody for “coming atcha neck”, first you have to calm down and think about the consequences that you may be facing if you move forward! I’m with you sometimes when people “try me” but take a quote from Tami Roman’s special QUOTE TSHIRT…”This does not define me, I don’t move from one player to the next. What I do is establish my own”. If that doesn’t work, try these tips:


Focus on results. Think in terms of “What can I do for you today?”. This keeps the conversation focused on a specific goal rather than becoming a full-scale venting session

Accept responsibility for your own mistakes, even if the person is telling you in a difficult manner. This keeps the conversation adult-oriented and focused on results rather than just becoming a shouting match that focuses on personal things

Avoid personal attacks. When you’re dealing with a difficult person, don’t tell her she’s being difficult or otherwise besmirch her character. This will just make her more difficult. So, while it may be tempting to do otherwise, you should focus on her actual problem, not her as a person.

Take your time to process ideas and think about responses. This ensures that you will be speaking logically and following the steps above, but it will also give both you and the difficult person time to cool off, which is a key component of getting difficult situations under control.

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