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So, you have a teenage son and you want to keep him safe. No, you can’t be with your children at all times but I am sure that you would like to be. With certain issues that are occurring in today’s society, we want to make sure that our young men do well in life and stay out of trouble. Here are a few tips on how to raise your male son:

Identify your tolerances while the boys are still young. What behaviors amuse you? Which ones can you tolerate? Which are absolutely unacceptable? When two parents join in the raising of young men, it is important that you agree on the big stuff, at least.

Define the rules for those who live in your household. Do the boys have a curfew? Must they finish their homework before they have fun? How far may they wander from home? You may not know all the rules until after the boys have demonstrated their creative ability to make mischief. That’s okay–you can always add to the list as each new occasion arises.

Explain the rules to your boys; describe your expectations for them. They can’t follow rules they don’t know.

Establish consequences for getting sideways with the rules. Perhaps you have heard that “rules are made to be broken,” but if you allow your boys to break all the rules, or if you refuse to establish solid boundaries for them, you must blame yourself for their wayward behavior.

Enjoy them while they are young. Expect them to test you, and be prepared to pass that test in your own way. Don’t be so rigid in your expectations that they have no room to learn from small mistakes.

Make sure that you know who your child is always with and what they are doing! If they are responsible maybe consider getting them a cellular phone with a limited plan.

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