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Surgery to alter any parts of your body seems to be highly favored in the entertainment industry. Everyone has done it and some continue to. Just like getting a tattoo, doing a drug, and drinking alcohol, going under the knife to become your perfect self has reported to be just as addicting.

Reality television star Heidi Montage admitted to have gotten ten procedures done back in 2010. Those procedures include a brow lift, nose job revision, boob job revision, botox, lipo on stomach and thighs, cheek and lip injections, ear pinning, chin reduction, neck lipo, amd butt augmentation. The only things left for her to do were her eyes! Recognizable rapper Lil’Kim has drastically changed before the public eye with her love of the needles and its partner the knife. She’s never spoken on all of her surgeries, but her transformations are hard to miss.

Many have gotten procedures done to resemble their fellow peers. Some have good luck with investing their money while some don’t.

Admiring many favorite superstars, Rajee Narinesingh too went under the knife. Except in her case she skipped the professionals and got her procedure performed by someone who is not a doctor. There are many people doing this or not following all procedures when conducting these surgeries. Leaving many people lifeless on the cutting room floor.

It’s their money and they do what they want, but when is enough, enough? When does altering you skin color, enhancing your boobs way above an average size, or sucking in your cheeks to resemble a fish become enough?