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Are you ready to freak out? Ready to choke your co-worker? I know how you feel! Before you smack a sucka down! Try these tips on how NOT to let things annoy you: (I’m writing them down too)

1. Learn to cope with others. There are certain things in this world that we simply cannot change. This is especially important in dealing with other people. You cannot really change the way a person acts, looks or feels, simply because it annoys you.

2. Take deep breaths. Annoyance comes from high levels of adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline is heavier than blood and it will make you feel hotter and more stifled. This will lead to anxiety, similar in feeling to annoyance. The more deep breaths you take, the more oxygen will enter your blood stream. This will make for a faster flow of oxygen through your body and an overall lighter feeling. 

3.  Put things in perspective. We often get annoyed by some of the smaller things in life. Perhaps the vending machine won’t dispense the candy bar you clearly paid for. Instead of banging the glass, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

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