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Whitney Houston’s family doesn’t want Bobby to attend the funeral tomorrow according to reports. It seems like Bobby Brown got the message, as he’s to perform with New Edition in Connecticut on Saturday.

Question: Should Bobby Brown be allowed to attend Whitney Houston’s funeral?

Maine Hamordie- Yeah just out of respect man all them years… he is family

LaWanda Dandridge- His daughter needs him, no matter what they have been thought he is her father and she needs him

Cherie Tierra Mcbride -Yes he should because that it’s her husband and the father of her daughter.

Donald Smoot- Dre whats good homie its dj fam i have mixed feeling about dat part of me says no can of da drugs and shit he put her thur then the other part of he saying yea cus he needs to be there to support lil bobbiechris what ? Should be is would whitney want him there.

Yvonne Artis- Yes, Regardless of all the Craziness between them, they shared many years together, and a Daughter. He owes it to Bobbi Kristina & Whitney after all they Once Loved each other, no Matter how Crazy it Looked to the Rest of us!!!

Adrianne Fleet- He should be allowed to attend cuz off Gus daughter,ages gonna need his support more than ever,,and its not her family’s decision.

Tamekia Hawkins -Yes . His daughter needs him.

Danielle Brown -I think he should be able to attend to support his daughter. Whitney was an adult that made her own choices, I don’t think Bobby made her do anything she did not wanna do. There’s no coming back from death, we were not there so let’s not judge.


Danielle Jefferson- Yup, because his daughter needs his support right now.

Eryn Brown -Regardless of what went on he is still the father of that child. It makes me mad how people can be so bitter when at one time u loved. Its all about the kid at this point!!

Deidre Livingmylifetothefullest Bryan -cissy need to cut the damn crap..she such a christian but acting so immature..SHAME ON U! That girl needs her daddy.

Ezekiel Young- Yes, because he need to comfort his daughter.

Denise Diivaa Morgan -He has that right to be there, outside of Bobbi Kris needing him, Whitney had a love for this man that was out of this world. I’m not blaming Bobby for Whitney’s addiction. SHE WAS A GROWN BEHIND WOMAN!! Ms. Cissy with all due respect,she needs to consider wwww(what would whitney want) after tomorrow ,there’s no seeing nor hear her anymore.

Craig Mario Wiggins The family should not black ball him just for paying his respects, his daughter also needs him in her life.

@3in3years Shekella Charity @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore -Yes he should be allowed to attend because he needs to be their for their daughter and he loved Whitney.

@ThickDiva428 Toiya Best @DreJohnson1- Yes he should be able to attend for moral support of their daughter. She is going to need all the support she can get. Gm Dre!

“@MsBHaven76: @DreJohnson1- yes he should be allowed to attend. Bobby is family whether they like it or not.

“@kikibrown92Q: @DreJohnson1- he should be allowed to morn just like the the rest of us. She loved him and he should be there for BK!

“@HrmlssFlirtTNT: @DreJohnson1- yes if for nothing else but to b there for their daughter.

@lastdodd September Dodd @DreJohnson1 Yes for moral support concerning his daughter! He cannot do anything the Family will not allow!

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