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Question: Are you for or against same sex marriage in Maryland?

Candice Loyaltyovaeverything Kellam- For This day and age everyone has a choice to love who they choose. They should be albe to get the same benifits s a regular married couple

Tavon Blackwell -I’m not for or against same sex marriage, its a free country where you are intitled to choose who you want to be with, I do think they should have one state where same sex couples should live, because we have much more problems to deal with.

Kathy Eccles -Who cares let them b happy. We have more important things 2 worry about like Jobs, homeless families,drugs,etc….

DjBunk Dodson- I’m against Gay Marriage, I do think people of the Same sex, should have equal rights as a man & Women, but I say no too same sex marriage, marriage is for a man & women.

Linney Garner- ‎2 many undercover Bi’s, 2 comment on this….lls.

Georgia Ruggiero -I’m for it everyone has choice to decide who they love! You can’t help who you fall in love with. I’m all for equality.

TrinaBellaRose Aka Crystal -I support same sex marriage. I believe that love is love. Gays & lesbians deserve the same benefits as every1 else. @drejohnson1

meagypooh Megz @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore -2 each their own, but im agasint it, God made Adam&Eve, not Adam &Steve.

@Dimples611- I’m not against same sex marriage whatever rocks your boat:)

James Davis It’s cool but can’t u call it something else I feel you wanting the benefits but it’s take away from the marriage of a man and a woman.

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