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#OfficeTalk: Was Crissy (Love & Hip Hop)  right to pressure Jimmy to propose? When does a man know when he’s ready to pop the question? SOUND OFF!

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Michelle Ve No she wasn’t right to answer the question. I believe that when a person is ready to do anything including marriage, It should be done when they are ready and for sure..All she did was pressure their relationship in to future disaster..I hope it works out and I’m wrong..

Ki Ki Brown I just believe a woman’s goal and a man’s goal aren’t on the same timeline. Women know when they want to get married, how it will look at the wedding, how many babies, etc. Men have to go through ALL THEIR OLD CLOTHES, SHOES, DRAWS, HAIR STYLES, CARS and WOMEN, until they FINALLY figure out it’s a good time to pop the question. But take too long…and she’s GONE! SMH…(just my opinion and I’m entitled to it)

Michelle Ve That’s true..I’ve seen people rush into a marriages by pressuring their mate and the marriage only lasted for a year if that….

Tobi Thomas I would never want to get in a marriage thinking I had to pressure my man to marry me. I think if you’ve been in a relationship for atleast three years and marriage is what you want and your man doesn’t talk about moving to the next level than move on. Don’t waste your years , you may be blocking your blessings

Tashia Smith She wasn’t right to pressure him and I think he did it just to shut her up. He want to be with her and doesn’t want to lose her… He felt like this was the thing to do to keep her….

FishGates women shouldn’t pressure men into marriage! Let the man make that decision w/o pressure! If pressured, men do it 2 shut u up!

Karamel_Dipped  I don’t think he was pressured I think he was ready. I think he been had the ring&was scared of loosing her!

TrinaBellaRose Chrissy has the right 2 say what she wants & how she feels. Jim is a grown man & he made the choice 2 marry her. Happy 4 them.

Dawkness00 if you been in a relationship for over 7 years she has the right to evaluate the relationship and where its going … thats like leasing a car… at the end of the day your paying all this money and putting effort into something you dont technically own

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