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I have a spoiled child and although I have to work on Thanksgiving, it doesn’t excuse him from giving to a family in need! So what I decided to do was sign him up to serve the homeless at the shelter for Bea Gaddy Family Center. It’s a small token from my family to others who simply don’t have it to give but to receive a warm meal and a chance to enjoy the spirit of giving.

You may be in the same boat (having a spoiled child) so here are a few things they can do to express the importance of GIVING for the holidays.

1. Donate canned goods to the local food drive. Most towns have a food drive for Thanksgiving.

2. Donate your time. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or some charitable organization that is having a Thanksgiving dinner for those in need. Help serve the meal or help prepare it. You might also choose to help a sick neighbor or walk a friend’s dog who is away. There are manyways to volunteer informally near your home.

3. Do something to help the environment.

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