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Question: How do you feel about a possible 15 cent a gallon gas tax in Maryland?

Carlos Biglos White Its ridiculous but, in The Dominican Republic gas is $12.00 a gallon and they cant even afford $2.00 a gallon, everybodys hand is in your wallet.

Nicole Karim- Its ridiculous.

Kevin Boardley- I can care less about gas I ride the MTA every day.

Corey Harold fellas thats…. CRAZY they had a race track going were the money at from that.. The city always find a way to hit your pockets after the mess up…WOW

MrsShekella Charitytoyou Its crazy the price of gas is going up as it is and then you want to add tax just ridiculous!

“@10tiffany04: MD is crazy! Tax this, tax that. This gas tax is just another way of putting it to us, w/o the lube. #moneyhungry” GM

“@Bad__Twin: @DreJohnson1 did u just say look at the gas prices out there right there????? LOL” Lol.. I did yo! GM son.

“@10tiffany04: @DreJohnson1 GM!!! Frustrated about giving away all my pennies….”

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