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Question: 3 teens charged for sex act while class was in session at Milford Mill on Thursday. Your thoughts?

“@Victorys1Secret: @DreJohnson1 sex education has nothin to do with any of this us parents need 2 teach our kids RESPECT…”

DjTopflight Deejay Topflight @DreJohnson1 that teacher should b held accountable because apparently he or she wasn’t paying attn to what the students were going n class!

hostrander54 Chris Ostrander Jr @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore kids being brain washed by the tv! Parents need to keep them involved.

HrmlssFlirtTNT Trina C @DreJohnson1 idk if the parents need to step it up on parenting or the students for knowing better. Maybe its a cry 4 attention.


Carlos Biglos White- Sex Education In Schools help them dont punish them, they so quick to throw charges at you.

Toria Hill -they should be held accountable, but the school and teacher who was present, should also be accountable for something. I understand they are teenagers, but HOW does something like this happen while class is in session…..classes are not that overcrowded. C’MON SON!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden -They should be charged…lil nasty asses. They should be held accountable…school is the last place they should be engaging in this type of behavior. And wth were the teachers??? Clearly someone wasn’t doing their job.

Sonye’ Collick The substitute obviously wasn’t on their job … what’s going in with these kids? Why do they feel like it’s okay to have sex with an audience? Why aren’t they being taught that having sex has life changing consequences? Why aren’t they being taught that it can also be beautiful? Where is the self esteem, respect, and dignity in these kids? This is why the rate if stds are so high amongst children. I only hope they aren’t the product of babies having babies!! #SAD

Kevin Boardley -They should get supend from school for good or fire the teacher.

Charlene Manns- Kids today are very aware of the things they are doing. We as soceity have to thank movies, music, reality shows for making our children think if they smoke weed, or drink Ciroc and even with these Bad Girls shows that u will be popular and get that respect. We also have parents that r as wild as a teenager to thank. Who do r children have to look up to?

Charmian Jones-Townes yes they should be charged. the kids today have no morals at all. They think it’s okay…and just to think they will be taking care of us… Making other plans.. Our kids today need to get it together…

Toiya Tko Best Where in the world was the substitute???? They should be expelled from school and the teacher should be fired and not allowed to teach again.

Bella Elizabeth ‎:: Obviously the parents aren’t doing their job either.

Charmian Jones-Townes you cant even blame it on the parents. High school kids know right from wrong. If they have the best parents or the worst parents. At that age they should be held responsible for the DUMB actions they do. right and wrong ….

MrsShekella Charitytoyou -They should be suspended

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