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October is Domestic Violence Violence Awareness Month and 92Q is Lending A Helpful Handbag. Some people don’t understand the significance behind a woman’s handbag. If you’re a woman, then you know how much our handbags mean to us, right? Well, to those women who have survived a domestic violent relationship, that significance is no longer present. So, let me explain to you why a woman’t handbag is so important.


Handbags written by Elijah A. Terry

To get to know a woman

don’t look inside her heart,

just rummage through her handbag-

the perfect place to start!

Handbags, whether large or small

tell our secrets, one and all.

Perhaps you tote a tote

with baby wipes and snacks

or pack a full course meal

in the backpack on your back.

Perhaps you clutch a clutch

with just enough room

to take your favorite lipstick

or samples of perfume.

No mater what your style

there’s one thing that is true:

the handbag that you carry

tells alot about YOU!

Tell me your thoughts about this poem!

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