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 Do you think parents should check their child’s facebook page?

 @Capn_US  on twitter said=> You’re damn right they should! Are you kidding? It’s not a private journal.

@UrbanInformer on twitter said =>the same way parents are SUPPOSED to monitor what kids watch on tv/radio, they need to do the same with FB

@deronj31  on twitter said =>The answer is yes. @tweetAcruz to me those kids can wait until 18 to have FB.

Sherri Dove  on FB said => Um yea ! Duh! You should ALWAYS know what your kid is up to.

Rebecca Spivey on fb said => Definitely. There are way too many pedophiles in the world and I agree, parents should always know what they’re kids are up to. This girl I work with only allows her 14 year old daughter to have one as long as she has knows the password and can check it at any time. She set it up through her email address so she would get the notifications if her daughter does change the password.

Warren Brooks on fb said => Kids shouldn’t even have a facebook page….