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Question: How do feel about the new debit card fee? Will you drop your bank if the fee is charged?

“@hostrander54: @DreJohnson1 I just switched to bank of America…let’s just say that cards getting cut” Thanks man..

“@HrmlssFlirtTNT: DreJohnson1 I think its a bit too much. Don’t know if I will drop my bank but eventually they will prob all do it” Thank u

“@mrgray08: @DreJohnson1 yuuuuuupppp!!!! Straight cash!” Thanks man..

Carlos Biglos White -i will go to a credit union before i allow this, the banking industry have gone too far with these fees, the government have to step and mandate something

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden -I’ve already closed one account and am now about to put my money in a credit union.

Nicole Johnson- i will drop them bcuz i already pay a monthly fee and to add another isnt right this econmy stuff is gettn out of hand.

Antiwan Shoutnjohn Johnson -I’m trying out the prepaid visa/master card if not then I’m getting me a gun keeping it at home i a safe.

Tank Carter- is it for all banks or just that bank.

Dre Johnson -For now it’s just Bank of America. You know others will follow!

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden -Exactly Dre and they kept trying to get me to stay with them, when everytime I turn around, they charging for EVERYTHING. Suntrust is far more better…I am still, though, investing in the credit union.

Anessa Valencia -Yes its out of control now only problem since these fees imposed are allowed the rest of banks are soon to follow so it will not be a win win situation until we or government changes restrictions so these banks can’t find a loop hole! For now agree credit unions.

Antiwan Shoutnjohn Johnson- True, that why I say every one get a Rush Card. I am an employee of Bank of America and I have a russel simmons pre-paid rush card with Direct deposit the only thing I miss is writing a check.

Nicole Karim -My credit union isnt charging n have no plans to. How are you going to charge me to use my money. M&T charged me like.$.50 to use Debit ..closed account. They making millions of customers. I cannot afford another fee when gas , rent and BGE are constantly rising but no onez pay is increasing!


Riversallovame Pennix -I dont hv a bank, but if I did I would leave b/c datz wut credits cards do: charge fees. U shouldnt hv 2 pay 2 use ur own $$$$$$$.

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