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On Tuesday, we had the lowest voter turn out in City history. I heard it all from people didn’t know about the election. To nothing is going to change. Even the distrust in the Candidates. Wake Up…

I look around town and see nothing but blight in some sections for years now. More than half of our school buildings are old and in need of full renovations. What about the lack of economic development in some City neighborhoods? The closing of Rec and Pool? Roads and streets that will keep you getting a car alignment.

The issues go on and on. Yet, only 23% of Baltimore voters went to the polls. We have 380,000 registered voters in the city, only about 70,000 voted in the Primary Tuesday. That’s sad!

“Only about 62,000 Baltimore residents had voted in the election as of 7 p.m. — an hour before polls closed, according to elections officials. That total, which included ballots cast during early voting, amounts to less than 20 percent of registered voters and about 10 percent of the city’s 630,000 population.” ~Luke Broadwater, Baltimore Sun

It’s important that we start taking true pride in our City again. Know this.. Lots of people fought hard so that we would have the right to be apart of the process!

My letter to Baltimore the city I love to the core.

Dre Johnson

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