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You know you need a vacation when…


1. You find yourself thinking of reasons why you need a vacation.

2.You start dreaming about work.

3.You spend your off time thinking about work.

4.You find yourself creating a “You Know You Need a Vacation When:” Web page.

5.You start thinking of early death from job stress as a comfort.

6.You spend all your off time in your kids’ pool dreaming of the Bahamas.

7.Your kids’ primary chore is to wear Hawaiian outfits and keep you supplied with Pina Coladas.

8.You have to grit your teeth all day long to keep from screaming.

9.You start hallucinating tropical fish in the company water cooler.

10.You start having nightmares that you are chained to your desk.

11.You wake up without the alarm on Sunday Morning and automatically start getting dressed for work.

12.You start answering calls at home with your work greeting.

13.You turn off all the ringers on your home phones because you can’t stand to hear the phone ring.

14.When a co-worker comes in a little too happy singing “good morning” to everyone and you think, “Somebody needs to slap the shit out of her”


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