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Question: Republicans say sorry for calling President Obama ‘tar baby’ and ‘boy’. What are your thoughts?


Eddie Betit -llab sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Deidre Finallylovinme Bryan- Words do hurt- a lot…I hate to see grown ass men and women calling each other such racial names…its so sad…

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden- They didn’t call Bush ‘white boy’ or ‘cracker’ so why treat THIS president with such disrespect… and Im damn sure the apology was NOT sincere.


Nicole Scott- Let someone call Bush such names….huh…its sad, disrespectful and ignorant that people are allowed to ridicule and humiliate the president whenever they feel the need to..smh..racist bastards!! Its a new year and new day..to get ya ass whooped.

Sharbett Morton There is no excuse for the name calling. But never the less he is the second most powerful man. And he deserved all the up most of respect. I wouldn’t except a damn thing cuz it was meant to say.

Valerielovingmylife Dukes- This is the Leader of the Free World and I have NEVER encountered such blaten disrespect for our Commander in Chief as I have heard in the last few months. That is why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT that we ALL get out and vote and show these biggots that we WILL NOT tolerate this….So he’s been called a DICK, a TAR BABY, a BOY, so if they feel comfortable in calling OUR President these names, we ALL know the next name they are going to try and slide out, the N word….Our President should be given the utmost respect and that hasn’t happened! ALL of those guys who called him those names should be REMOVED from office immediately, but we can send a clear message of discontent to ALL of them come Election Day. That’s why it is sooo very important to vote so that we keep biggots and idiots like those guys OUT!

Valerielovingmylife Dukes -Happy 50th Birthday President Obama!

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