You see some sights in Baltimore everyday, but for some reason, on Friday, you see some CRAZY things!!! Tell me what you see on the streets of B’more, but you gotta finish the sentence:

You know it’s Friday in B’more when…..

LMillardDesign #OFFICETALK: You know it’s Friday in B’more when you….(finish the sentence)< See Security Packed…

A1ManShow RT #youknowitsfridayinbmorewhen when every shoppers supermarket has hoodrats buying chicken legs nuggets and murray’s steaks

A1ManShow the meth n heroin junkies down lexington market cashing in that check at the liquor store & getting a pt of old granddad

A1ManShow  #youknowitsfridayinbmorewhen mondawmin n towson packed with hoodrats looking for sale items to find an outfit for edens

Clarence Howard You it’s Friday in B’more when you don’t have a job and nothing else to do lol smh ijs.

You say what?

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