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Music fans saw Yung Berg come in the game at the young age of 19 with the hit single “Sexy Ladies” and basically have success over night. However,  in the music industry you can fall just as fast as you came up.

Yung Berg has seen his share of controversy and drama along with the success and after taking some time off he is back with his latest mixtape “Mr. Ward,” available for download March 17th. I guess you can’t say he was completely out of the game since he was working behind the scenes producing for Diddy Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris and more.

TheUrbanDaily caught up with Yung Berg to talk about  about beef with Brisco, the blogs,  writing and producing hit records.

TUD: What have you been doing since off the music scene?

I still been on the music scene, a lot of people don’t know but my first four records on my first album I actually wrote and produced those records. I went back and started producing and writing, I been working with Diddy on Last train to Paris to the pop world with Leighton Meester from gossip girl. People knew I had big records but they didn’t know I was behind the writing and producing those records.

What got you into writing and producing?

I started my own crew, I wanted to be young and produce my records and have producers signed to me. I was signed to DMX label at one point and from that situation I knew the purpose of having in house production. You don’t have to go through the middle man. I felt like being self-contained was the biggest thing for me and my career.

What is the deal with your artist and production company?

Artists I have featured on my singles are signed to me. As far as production goes, myself and my partner Ayo are like the new Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. We produce all my records and any projects that I work on.

Where do you find inspiration when creating a record?

I’m not one of those guys that go in the studio thinking “I got to make a hit”. I think with most artists the hits happen organically in 15-20 minutes and it’s the record that you don’t expect to be that hot or crazy. It always seem to sneak up on you like that.

Would you say Yung Berg has his own sound?

I been on a spaceship for a while. I had a record on my first album called “Outer Space” where I sang, I had got the co-sign from T-Pain.  This was before Kanye did 808 and everyone jumped on the auto-tune movement. I always try to stay ahead of the game and open to try different things. I’m not a singer but I know what I want out of a singer when I’m working with them so I know how to translate that through myself.

What was the recording process like for the mixtape?

I went to the studio one night had some Patron and a few women at the session and just blacked out. I started recording at two in the afternoon and didn’t leave the studio until 8 in the morning.  I completed 10 records in that session and thought let me put out another mixtape and show the world what I have to offer.  The flow of the mixtape is organic and it sounds like more like an album than a mixtape. The features may be overwhelming and a lot of people wonder if I have peers in the industry. I thought this was the perfect time to put the material out to prove that there are people in the industry that respect my artistry.

Why Mr. Ward for the title?

My government name is Christian Ward. “Mr. Ward” is like the grown up version of Yung Berg and at the end of the day I’m still Christian Ward. I thought lets take the Yung Berg element away and just be me. I wanted people to see the growth and who I am.

Is “Mr Ward” your way of letting everyone know that you’re back?

Definitely, I feel like the music is advanced and it grew. I think a lot of people think I just make music for the ladies but I can get on a record like “My bitch badder than yours” with Lil Scrappy and spaz out or I can get on a record like “Call Me Daddy” with Pleasure p and do it for the ladies. I wanted to give both audiences the best. This is my road to redemption, the first time people hearing new material from me in a while. The mixtape was created in less than two weeks and god allowed me to get everything intact and didn’t slow up anything.

How did you and Brisco put an end to the beef that started when you made a comment about Flo-Rida’s hair line?

I run with Bryant McKinnie who plays for the Minnesota Vikings and I just moved out to Miami. To be honest with you Brisco talked to a girl I’m cool with and she asked him about the beef and he stated he didn’t have a problem. I talked with Bryant about it and once I got that green light, Brisco and myself just connected the dots and was like its all about getting money for 2011. The rest is for the birds.

What made you choose the artist you collaborated with on the mixtape?

Freddy P is apart of Bryant’s movement, B Major Music Group and that’s were I record all my music at. I do in house production for them and I felt like with Freddy P having success with the band and people not hearing from him in a while, I thought it would be a good idea to get his music heard. Shawty Lo, Diamond and Scrappy are all people that I worked with who respect my craft.

What is the deal between you and Natalie Nunn?

That’s the homie. I was in L.A. for all star weekend and I was shooting a few videos. I called her up two hours before the shoot. She said it was her first music video and she was down for it because she f*cks with me like that. If people think we f*cking now then so be it as long as you go and check out the video I’m good.

Do you feel the drama started once you obtained some success?

I think it comes with the territory. I don’t think people thought about how young I was when I came in the game.  I’m not regretful about anything that happened in my career because I am growing as a person. When you see a website that isn’t telling the whole story it hurts because you’re an artist whose life is entertainment for them but you’re still a person.

Do you feel bloggers contribute to the drama in the industry?

The media definitely creates controversy but that is the nature of the game.  I can’t be mad at a blogger because they don’t know me, they only write about what is in the headlines. I can’t have a personal vendetta against the bloggers but I just wish people would be a bit more understanding.

Would you say your flashy ways contribute to the drama?

Of course, I would be a fraud if I just sat here and played victim as if nothing I do plays a role to what happens in my life or career. I can’t stop being me, I can only monitor it. I shook certain things I don’t need to have a around me whether it be material things, people or negative energy. I’m in the process–because you don’t just wake up with a perfect life. People go through bullsh*t to get to the understanding of where you need to be in life.

Are you currently signed to a record label?

Sony let me go to be a free agent. I have four major offers on the table, but right now I am just enjoying my situation as a free agent.   Artists like Wiz Khalifa and myself show you that you don’t need to have a label to be hot.

Do you feel it’s the artist’s or label’s fault for the lack of album sales these days?

I think artists are making music the people want to hear because single sales have not slipped.  I feel the labels haven’t figured how to market the artist leaks and artists are lacking a message to have a cult like following or to make people want to be apart of your movement. I learned that regardless of whatever you go through stay focused on what you are passionate about. I been to award shows and been clowned, I went from platinum to not having a record out for a while but it’s about staying true to who you are and staying focused. Everything will work itself out.

What can we look out for in the future?

I plan on dropping another mixtape after Mr. Ward, more visuals and then I plan to release the album. I haven’t thought of the title yet but its 50% done. I got Jim Jones, Roscoe Dash, Sean Kingston and of course Ray J on my album. My first single off the album will most likely be “Love in the VIP” or “Sexy Can I Part 2”


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