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If you break up with your partner for a total of 24-48 hours and you sleep with someone else inside the 24-48 hours, does that mean you cheated? Should you tell that person you did it or do you take it to your grave?

Heres’s what you had to say on Facebook and Twitter:


Gina Frazier-Mcmillan if you broke up it not cheating even if you got back together 2 days later. what would be the point of telling the other person, it would only mess things up ans so now you broke up again over some sh*t tht happend when you where broken up. SN: just cause you slep with somebody rite after a break up doesn’t mean there was already a somebody else.

Cristal OnAir Theres a million different way to look at this…I believe people make mistakes. I don’t SUGGEST doing it. I know that it would easily crush some peoples relationships~ if you choose to attempt to get back together.No I don’t think its cheating…If we are broke up we broke up,you had the same opportunity to do it too. And well if you did it and liked it maybe you need to be single!

Jessiah Milk Coa Styles Well, it sounds like these two people don’t need to be together.

Shayla White even though it might hurt lik hell the truth is always the best policy or at least thats wat i would expect …..if u did it b grown enough to admit it and ask for forgivness youd b suprise of how much more easy that could be..

Charese Reeda Hill If you sleep with someone within the 24-48 hrs. chances are you were already sleeping around anyway lol…and that’s probably the reason WHY y’all broke up lol

Andrea StillStandingthrewitall Jarmon Personaly if u break up and it only takes u 24-48 hrs. 2 be with someone else u were already dealing with that person already and the relationship is built on lies so Yes be honest and allow the other person to make a decision on wheither or not they still want to deal with u! U no if it was over 4 good or not just nasty!
TrinaBellaRose Crystal Michelle @ @kikibrown92Q Technically it’s out cheating but I would tell my other half once we got back together because I would wanna know too.
smokedlexus Sharon @ @kikibrown92Q no u r not cheating….u broke up Remember. Y should u tell them, it should not matter, & no they should Not get mad. Move on.
Negrodamus83 Negrodamus83 @ @kikibrown92Q No cuz technically u r single, its just frowned upon lol