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OFFICE TALK: Who gets the biggest praise when being remembered BIG or PAC? Tell me why?

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Keith OldYoungin Hendricks Biggie got the most respect for bein the best rapper of all time…but pac on the other hand was more than a rapper he was an artist, innovator, actor, he was goin to spark the mind that would change the world but Suge killed him smh

Jamal Boogie Dwn Holden As Much as I would Like 2 say Biggie Pac Def. Does IDK Y Mayb Because He had More Music Then Big Or If he was lookd @as a sex symbol Lord Knows BUt N my Eyes They were Both Great Artists!

Carrie Caruso i think they are different kind of artists. i like pac better myself. i have his books of poetry etc. but i def think biggie gets more attention when it comes to celebrating his life through music on the radio, tv etc.

Rashawn Thompson Well it depends on what coast you on if its east coast you kno biggie going get more respect because a lot of east coast people took it personal when pac went on his all out verbal assault on biggie and bad boy ,but could you really blame pac biggie did kno he was about to robbed and shot and didnt do anything to try and stop it so all these east coast pac Haters need to open they eyes to reality and start showing pac more respect ………..Your boy Rashawn and ki ki please read this back over the air if you may

Jay Tek Both were Great Artist, and in my opinion BIG was a better rapper, usually when we listen to music, you wanna hear somebody telling you something you can picture, and BIG always painted a vivid picture that most of his audience could relate to. I like Pac, but I just could relate more to BIG, and liked his style more than Pac.

Andrea StillStandingthrewitall Jarmon PAC is the BEST hands down! Biggie was nice with the thing 2 but Stop being haters Biggie was a rapper and Pac was so much more! and as far as Mr. Carter or Jay Z somebody had to pay the way for them so that don’t get it twisted give respect to those who deserve it and if u no Biggie knew about Pac being robbed then u should be helpn the police #NYPD NO ONE will ever no why or who took these gifted and talented men away.#thatisall


@RussyDaCoo Da BOSS @kikibrown92Q B.I.G and Pac was in two different lanes so to compare them isn’t fair. They both were the best at what they did.

ruckazz Mic Ruckazz @ @kikibrown92Q I think B.i. G because everyone loved him young an old. They love pac but pac cause confusion.that push people away from him.

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