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I want you to SOUND OFF on twitter and facebook. Here’s your chance to get out your daily gripe before making to work.

NFL Union Chief talks after sides agree to extension…

Question: Could you cope without NFL Football?

Nae-Ray OhsoRetro says hell no where else am i supposed to watch dudes in tight pants run down a field?

Eryn Brown says not hardly!!! That’s the reason I went out and got things in order for next season in my house. I love football like Miss Piggy Love Kermit!!! Don’t take my football!!!!

Toiya Tko Best says hell to tha naw, I’m already going through withdrawls now by not watching it now on Sundays.

Donald M Davis says what hell we poe do with those 6 months of no grid iron actioon. Smh can’t watch the terps cause they suck right now. Smh billionares

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