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When Lil Kim says she doesn’t give up, she means it. Even though Baby and pretty much everyone in the music business has told kim she should just focus on making good music, she isn’t listening.

This Thursday, The Queen Bee Lil Kim, will sit down with Sway on MTV’s ‘Rap Fix at 4pm. Kim is expected to discuss the Black Friday mixtape (which she says she sold over 113,000 copies), will take questions from listeners, and will discuss the documentary, Carbon Copy. The documentary includes previous interviews that the Queen Bee has done concerning Nicki, and even features images and video footage of Lil Kim throughout the years compared to images and video of Minaj that are incredibly similar.

This will be one I will definitely be watching. Kim is also set to reveal some never before heard music on Rap Fix. I definitely want to hear what she has to say about the ‘Black Friday’ mixtape that fans had to buy, and have NOT received yet. Lil Kim says the reason for the delay is because she has had to sign each and every single one.

In other Lil Kim news, a snippet of ‘Ether’ off the Black Friday has hit the net. Lil Kim wont reveal the entire song until March 4th.

Hands down Kim is the Queen Bee, but this whole mixtape foolishness is making me look at her sidewayz.