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Most of us don’t know if we’re being emotionally abused in our relationships. Not recognizing the signs could be a safeway to protect you from a more severe series of abuse; verbal and physical.

It’s not stupid nor should it be embarrassing when you find out that you just might be in an emotionally abusive relationship. Find the signs and GET OUT immediately!

Here are a few signs that you MAY be in an emotionally abusive relationship: Retrieved from http://ezinearticles.com/?Emotionally-Abusive-Relationships—6-Signs-of-Emotional-Abuse&id=2402719

1. You are on the receiving end of criticism frequently in your relationship. He or she might be calling you names, or it could be far more subtle, an undermining of the way you do everyday tasks, or a collection of helpful “suggestions” about the right way to do things.

2. When you arrive home at the close of the day, you feel obliged to give an account of your day. This is not a sharing of the ups and downs in a supportive environment, but a controlling demand that you tell all and then face criticism for your choices. You might find yourself choosing to do things you know your partner will approve of, just to avoid the confrontation.

3. Your time with outside friends and family begins to diminish under pressure from your partner. He or she might “guilt” you into forgoing plans with others (I can’t believe you would choose time with her over time with me”), or directly prohibit you from seeing certain people.

4. When an educational or job opportunity comes along, your partner is unsupportive or critical of that as well. Anything that potentially makes you more independent is threatening to the abuser.

5. Sex is not the loving, caring expression of affection between two people, but a method of control. Either your partner demands it of you regardless of your feelings or preferences, or it is intentionally withheld along with other affections to keep your vulnerable, rejected, and under his or her control.

Log onto http://ezinearticles.com/?Emotionally-Abusive-Relationships—6-Signs-of-Emotional-Abuse&id=2402719 for a full list!

If you feel that you are being abused mentally, verbally, or physically, and you need help, contact these shelters: