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Louis Vuitton’s‘ Spring 2010 Paris runway show was a mash-up of all things unlikely for the posh fashion house. Models came trotting down the runway in humongous Afros, layered outfits and (gulp) kitten heels! While the brand has been reinventing itself constantly in recent years, this collection is nothing if not unexpected. We often consider LV to be iconic in terms of its super-luxe, almost pretentious delivery of classic pieces. Accordingly, seeing a two foot mass of (dare I say) nappy hair on a model adorned in garments carrying the Vuitton name is initially quite startling. Has Louis gone ethnic? And how should we feel about this blatant cultural reference?

Once the shock wears off, it becomes clear that designer Marc Jacobs has infused his quirky, visionary appeal into this collection. It seems like he is taking the fashion house away from its stuffy perch atop the grandiose mountain of the fashion elite, and settling in a newer, hipper, more provocative lane. According to, the line abandoned last season’s “sugar-coated luxe,” in favor of “city utilitarianism.” I never thought I’d see the day when a Vuitton line is described as “utilitarian.”

Check out some looks from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 runway show and tell us what you think; fashionably fabulous, or fashion faux pas?