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Take a weekend for a romantic city getaway.

Drive, take the train or hop on a bus to cut back on transportation costs. There are amazing hotel deals in cities across the country. Check out museums, galleries, comedy clubs, theater shows and other local sites. Pack your lunches, and for dinner, find an inexpensive but amazing little restaurant off the beaten path. It’s all about the adventure.

Find the closest body of water and spend some time canoodling on the beach.

If you can’t splurge on a room, then reach out to family and friends who have beach condos and time-shares, a cabin in the woods or a house on the lake. Quality time in nature will recharge your batteries and let you focus on the one you love.

Take a ski weekend with friends and split the cost of a cabin.

You can cook great dinners while sipping on vino and sharing the evening with quality friends. Group dates are just as fun as single ones, and traversing the trails with your love is quality time well spent.

Take a tour of the local markets.

If you and your partner appreciate fine wine, this is the time to take a drive through wine country for a tasting tour. If you prefer apple picking, this is the season to hit the orchards and whip up a homemade apple pie. Buy local farm produce from roadside markets, and make an affordable and fun dinner just for two.

Restaurant hopping is a fun way to try different cuisines without breaking the bank.

Pick three restaurants you have always wanted to try and take a trip to each one in the course of an evening. Sit at the bar and try an appetizer at one, a main course at another and dessert at the last. You’ll get to enjoy the ambiance of each place while in the company of the one you love. Keeping the romance alive in your relationship takes a little work and some creativity, but it is a welcome relief from the stress of everyday life. Use this time to strengthen the bonds of your relationship and to truly celebrate the person who is most important to you.