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Does your New Years Resolution list match this one?




1. Make education a priority:

Our friend Johnnie says: “Make education a priority and everything else will fall in place!!!” We all know that education is a stepping stone to economic security, and a way to maintain one’s security once it is won. Education will not only help black people get better jobs; it will also help us to understand financial instruments like loan term agreements better, preventing horrible events like the sub-prime mortgage scandal, which disproportionately affected minorities who were intentionally misled by lending agents. In a case such as this, knowledge is truly power. Empower yourself in 2011.

2. Stop the violence:

Our fan Antonio pleads: “We need to stop all this crime, especially black on black crime, tired of us killing, robbing, etc., so let’s think before we react people.” Not a week goes by that we don’t hear about some senseless killing, gang murder or other black-on-black crime. The Black Voices audience has made it known that we should do everything in our power to end this suffering that we inflict on ourselves at all costs. The answers won’t come easy, but we must commit to focusing on solutions to this self-destruction now.

3. Rebuild the strong black family:

With so many of our children being born out of wedlock, many black women and children are in serious financial and social peril. The median net worth of single black women was found to be a mere five dollars this year, for example. Plus, it was found that fatherless children fall prey to a host of troubles ranging from higher rates of incarceration to being more likely to become a teen runaway. If we could rebuild the black family, both men and women together, this would be a strong foundation on which to build a better future.

4. Support, parent and mentor our children:

BV Fan Christina says about this: “Educate more of our young black youth on life and the consequences of their choices.” With black children falling behind others in many areas, including black teen unemployment which is twice that for white teens, now more than ever the influence of elders is needed to help guide young people away from a path of danger. Dr. Boyce Watkins, our popular blogger, often says “you don’t have to be the parent of that child, to parent that child.” That is great advice for the African American community in 2011. Will you take the time to mentor a young person?

5. Come together in unity:

Black skin vs. dark skin. Skinny vs. fat. Rich vs. poor. Men vs. women. The black community seems to be more interested in fighting sometimes over long-held but pointless divisions. Things are getting to a state in which we no longer have time to focus on these minor quibbles. If we can come together around our common interests, which are far more numerous, we will be happier and stronger socially and politically.

6. Learn to manage our money well:

This can range from supporting black-owned businesses to making a commitment to get out of debt in 2011. Here on BV on Money, The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox offers lots of practical advice that can help you repair your credit and more. Make 2011 the year that your money is never funny! Get training for a new skill, or start that education savings account for your child. Economic power is one of the most critical aspects of growth that blacks have the power to control as individuals. We will have over one trillion dollars in buying power by 2012. Let’s spend that money wisely!

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Courtesy of www.blackvoices.com