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There’s a ton of new music rolling out these days and things have just become a little more soulful as three singers join forces for the latest powerhouse vocal session.

Who am I referring to? None other than the fabulous Faith Evans, the kill ’em softly sound of Kelly Price and newcomer Jessica Reedy.

Who’s idea was that? Now we seriously have no clue, but when you hear the three ladies come together each with their churchy adlibs and deep urban soul blended into an inspirational R&B track – you’ll be sizzling over just like our in-studio crew of listeners.

What I absolutely do not like about this song is that it’s too short! I picked it up from an insider at Light Records and can’t stop listening today so now it’s your turn to get bitten by the beauty bug found in every single one of their voices. In fact, let’s break ’em down one by one.

We’ve known Faith the longest I believe. She’s got that tarnished sound from the streets, but of course we know her roots are in the church, too. As the First Lady of Bad Boy, she’s held that title for years and will always have our hearts wrapped around her finger with the way she gives us a very mature response in her R&B lyrics past, present and future. In a nutshell, Faith Evans is the quintessential hybrid of the church, the crib and the street corner – all tell a story we know only comes from those who’ve been there and done that.

Now, Kelly Price on the other hand we know has also been born and raised in the church. She’s even taken a stab at creating a few successful gems on her gospel records in the past few years. She can do both effortlessly – yes, effortless is the word that comes to mind when I think of Kelly Price. Her songwriting is immaculate, but that contralto voice climbs the rafters and instantly shatters any and all competition from the ranks.

The young buck, Ms. Jessica Reedy, just burst onto the scene a few years ago during the second season of the BET Sunday Best gospel competition. She quickly built herself a new platform with her husky and jazz-influenced delivery, but unfortunately lost and ended up coming in second place. But don’t count her out too quickly.

Jessica’s developed one of the most unique sounds and she could easily pick up some serious musical credits with her vocals as soon as she gets signed and gets to work on that album. Her vibe is urban, it’s fresh and without being vulgar – Lord, forgive me – it’s the sexiest thing we’ve ever heard in gospel.

Ok, so these three lovely ladies are not the only ones with roots in the church or highly prolific songwriting skills. They’re all akin to leading R&B divas who bring the church experience to mainstream and underground music. But does it always work?

You tell us and in the meantime listen to the track that’s got both sides of the industry going crazy. I don’t know whether to lift my hands, shout or light a blunt, but either way “Troubled World” speaks the truth. Just listen for yourself via the music player above.

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