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What the hell is this!?!? I guess I would call myself a past fan of the “Ill Nana,” Foxy Brown, and I’m pretty certain her nana is ill at this stage.  Just look at her recent picture from B.B Kings. I think I might heave!

But I digress only to ask this question: Where the hell are her handlers? Oh, please don’t think I’m just attacking Ms. Brown aka CoCo Cool- Aid, I was asking the same damn thing when Chris Brown was on jet skis a day after making bail for using RiRi’s face like a speed bag.

One of the perks of being a celebrity, or nowadays some over exposed tool, is having handlers a.k.a. publicists, managers, agents or someone with enough sensibility to responsibly keep talent on time, out of jail, safe, looking good, booked for shows and out of divorce court.

When I see celebrities nosedive from the proverbial A-list into Hollywood’s sub-basement it makes me wonder if the people hired to do these jobs are completely happy being “yes” people  or is it the talent? Are they so out of touch that hey entirely ignore the good counsel of their inner circle?

But listen, I know what you’re thinking: “Shut up Arie, who the hell do you think you are? You’ve never had to deal with the intense scrutiny that comes with being famous like some celebs have had to… yadda, yadda, yadda.” Perhaps you’re right, but for the sake of this conversation we’re going to continue scrutinizing the downtrodden rejects you idolize.

However, how far removed from reality does one have to be that their perception of what really is acceptable in public is not even of minimal concern? If you noticed, I said “acceptable” and not “appropriate”, because sometimes not being appropriate is more forgivable than consciously looking unspeakable.

If you’re a celebrity, or just someone who likes to live in some imaginary world that helps you get through your day, don’t be so fare removed from reality that you begin to think looking like trash is a fashion statement. Yes, we’ve all heard the saying “Sex sells,” and of course it is true, but you do have to be SEXY to SELL IT.

If your handlers know you look a hot mess and are too caught up being “yes-men” to appease your ego, I suggest you clean up house and give everyone a pink slip.

I know you’re hanging on to every word so let me wrap it up by saying that my point is that celebrities need to take pride is who they truly are as opposed to the image they manifest. They need to check their ego at the door from time to time and let the people truly in charge of their persona do their jobs and protect your image and reputation. After all, as author Robert Greene writes in The 48 Laws of Power, “So much depends on reputation – guard it with your life!”