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B-More’s own Mario is catching some flack today about a concert he did in NY.

Word is that Mario came on-stage after the Sound Man had been messing everyone’s tracks up before and started his set. After they cut his set short, the Sound Man played ‘Break Up’. Mario then LOST IT and punched the man right in the face!!

According to an eyewitness:

Mario was here in my city (Rochester ,NY) for our annual music fest this weekend. He did a great job, but his visit made the show very interesting. He was the show opener and he ended up coming late(for whatever reason) as a result of that when he finally arrived his set was cut short. They sound guy had messed up a lot of other acts (Jaheim) and when he messed up Mario’s. I guess he(mario) couldn’t take it anymore. He punched the sound guy straight in the face right at the beginning of the song “break up”. Security had to hold Mario back. I thought i was at the club watching a fight(classic).” (Necole Bitchie)

Mario then subtweeted: