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 A civil suit against Plies and his brother’s recording imprint, Big Gates Records, was dropped Friday (July 16).

Judge Robert Roundtree dismissed five men’s civil lawsuit against the rapper and the label, during which both lawyers agreed that Plies did not fire the shots at a Gainesville, Florida concert featuring Plies and Lil’ Boosie.

The five victims of a shooting during the show contend that Plies has benefited from the incident, the source of the civil suit. “He [Plies] characterizes it as if he is the principal [shooter],” explained the mens’ attorney Christopher Chestnut. “As if he is the guy, he is the gangster, he’s the thug he’s the goon, yes that’s what he is selling and that is why we are suing him.”

The victims have 20 days to amend their complaint.