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Nas finally admitted that he’s not the greatest emcee of all time during a recent interview.  In fact, Nas doesn’t even think there is a greatest emcee of all time.

From Vibe.com:

There is no best or greatest MC. Should never happen, doesn’t make sense. It makes sense temporarily when you’re striving to be number one. It makes sense for [the fans] to see that, but you have a long run to be the greatest. To me, people already felt like they were [the greatest] in more ways than they should have and I think that hurt them. There is no greatest of all time. We won’t know that until we’re 60 years old. I think there will be like four to five great ones at the end of the day, but there will be none that’s greater than the other. Impossible.

Read all of Nas’ thoughts on the mythical G.O.A.T. at Vibe.com!

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