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Sex Facts:


How Does Your Guy Measure Up

True measurements for your average guy – erect 5 inches and flaccid 3 inches.


Simply Shocking!

The American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental illnesses included homosexuality until 1973. 


Support Your Troops —  WWII Style

Today “Support Our Troops” is on the back of almost every car. Back during WWII the message was quite different in military paraphernalia – “Don’t forget – Put it on before putting it in.” During WWII many soldiers returned home with venereal diseases and the military was paying millions in medical expenses.


Eat that Cake

Hate working out? Then have active sex for 30 minutes and burn 200 calories.


Stripping Secret

Burlesque dancers do not get totally nude. They are known for wearing elaborate costumes. Back in the 15th century burlesque costumes were more function then fun. The bottom half of the costume was created as a “pubic wig” to hide signs of syphilis and pubic lice.