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medicine-cabinet_59x73_5_weYou’re on your first date, which is still going on but you had to make a pit stop to his bathroom. You’re fixing your make up and decide to snoop through his medicine cabinet. What do you find?

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Fransis Young Yes..but found nothing…only blood pressure medicine and aftershave…men arent always the brightest when it comes to hiding their ‘evidence’ but i think they’re smart enough to keep their std meds out of the cabinet for nosey people like myself…LOL (but its not that funny though, actually kinda scary)

Lavard Ralph I think it should be routine when puting intrest in someone new, you may find what les in the future, it could be an std or ya babe might get a mild case of heartburn evry now and but I have never found any thing other than whats normal but I have had other text me wild med names and ask what its used for like Im some Pharmacist

Shannon Robinson Yes, I think you should! I went through and found all kinds of anti-depressant medication. So I kept probing for info, and it turns out he has BI-Polar. However, he wasn’t using the medication, he was trying to ween off of it, to see if he can live a normal life. So far so good, but he does have his moments. Other than that, I found the normal stuff, after shave, deodorant, razors, clippers, band-aids, etc.


GQ412 @kikibrown92Q I found valtrex and a dental damn

briawyche @kikibrown92Q No I haven’t that’s just rude lol, People should learn to respect other’s privacy. How do you explain if you get caught?

highimpactdsgns @kikibrown92Q NO. I never snooped in anyone’s medicine cabinet. Too afraid of what may be waiting… lol

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