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Think you know if your man is on the low? I got a list of signs you may need to tell for sure.


(DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional. The information listed is from various websites, books, and pesonal conversation.)

1. Does he spend hours in the bathroom doing his hair or in the mirror?

2. Does he do facials alot?

3. Does he smell the scented candles at Walgreens or other stores?

4. Does he wear make-up, eyeliner perhaps?

5. Does he get nervous or offended when someone comments about a gay person?

6. Does he spend too much time with a single male friend?

7. Does he watch weird/gay porn?

8. Does he have weird hand gestures?

9. Does he play in your makeup?

10. Is he the one you ask (all the time) for fashion advice?

But if he is, now what? U dumpin him or keepin’em to change him back? It’s happened…you say what?

Here’s what you had to say:

Replies from Facebook:

Fransis Young Girls–I am not tryin to be in NO cat fight-LOL

LaTaya Barrett  Oh he would have TO GO! No make ups! People don’t realize how big of a problem being on the down low is! It has never happened to me but I have heard how it has wrecked homes!

Anna Henry Mejia  KiKi, if my man were on the low…he would have to worry about his big sister kicking his butt!! I am so thankful that is something I will never have to worry about with your little brother!

Erin Snyder Wasmire  gotta go!


Replies from twitter:

realsmoothradio @kikibrown92Q Keepin’ him to change him back? If anyone thinks they can do that, they have far bigger issues they need to face! :-)

Banks223 @kikibrown92Q If someone’s man Is on the low she should leave him them come find to be comforted