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Tuesday night it was all about — Can your lover answer your cell phone or you answer theirs without drama?  Check out some Twitter responses below.  

Can your lover answer your cell?

sure, if they paid for it and take care of the bill. But if not, no. – @DonnAmazin


he can answer my phone or message idc – @jolisajasmine


we could answer each others cell but we just don’t. Not something we do! – @babrown88


no problem. im a very open n honest person n i want who im dealin wit 2b the same – @krazymelmel


sure can, but if I answer his and its all wrong he’s getting a swift kick in the ass – @_f3mmeFatale_


if you answer mine-pls pay the damn bill(s) and get a confirmation number. – @leqtepie


That is a tricky one. I feel most women will disagree, but I don’t think it is ok to answer each others cell. – @bonedeuce

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